Anthony Nicholas Orban, Westminster Police Detective Held in Kidnap and Rape, to Use Drug Cocktail to Fight Iraq Demons as Defense

Through court documents in the kidnapping and rape case against Westminster Police Detective Anthony Nicholas Orban, his attorney tipped his hand to a defense involving Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome allegedly suffered after Orban served with the Marines in Iraq.

We now know attorney James E. Blatt is fine-tuning that defense with the equivalent of innocent by reason of insanity--the insanity spurred by the anti-depression cocktail of medications the Irvine resident was taking to deal with his demons.

How insane? Orban allegedly gagged a 25-year-old waitress he did not know with his fingers, choked her, repeatedly slapped and punched her, rubbed the woman's face with his pistol, put the barrel of the gun in her mouth, twice threatened to kill her, ordered her at gunpoint to give him oral sex and snapped several photos of her with his cell phone as he raped her.

A teaser for a segment on tonight's Channel 5 news at 10 p.m. includes snippets of interviews with Blatt and Tracy Orban, wife of the accused, saying a powerful drug cocktail made the cop snap.

It was Tracy Orban's call to police about her husband's service revolver and his friend's truck being missing that led to the unraveling of events that landed Anthony Orban and state prison guard Jeffrey Thomas Jelinek, both 30 and friends since high school, behind bars in lieu of $2 million bail each.

Courtesy of Ontario Police Department
Anthony Nicholas Orban (left) and his friend Jeffrey Thomas Jelinek are being held on $2 million bail.
According to the Ontario Police report: Orban and Jelinek ate lunch April 3 at Chili's restaurant in Rancho Cucamonga, where they drank margaritas. Both had their service weapons with them.

Next, they went to Boston's restaurant on Fourth Street, where they shared a pitcher of beer before heading to GameWorks at the nearby Ontario Mills shopping mall, where they downed another pitcher.

They were standing in the parking lot outside Dave & Buster's, which is also in the mall and where a 25-year-old woman and single mom was finishing her four-hour waitressing shift around 5:15 p.m. Orban decided they should "go meet this chick." But, after catching a glimpse of the pair out of the corner of her eye, she paid little attention to them and texted as she walked to her car.

After she unlocked her SUV with a keyless remote and started to enter the driver's side front door, she heard the passenger side door open. She looked up to see Orban point a silver handgun at her and order her into the car. Jelinek, who is a Chino Men's Institution prison guard, asked his friend what he was doing, and Orban replied not to worry about it.

The woman told Orban he could have anything he wanted if he would let her go, but he replied, "Just drive." He told her to head home, which she informed was in the High Desert. Driving north on the 15 Freeway, Orban told the woman he was going to let her go, getting her to exit the freeway at Base Line Road. Driving east on Base Line into Fontana, they parked in front of a self-storage facility.

With his handgun in his lap, he asked the woman about her child, having noticed a child's car seat in the back seat, and other personal details. He smiled while she answered and asked if she was scared. He also said he had one thing to do before she could go.

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