Tony Rackauckas & Todd Spitzer Declare Themselves 2014 Opponents for Orange County's Top Prosecutor Job

Spitzer: Rackauckas has been "totally unethical."
Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas and Todd Spitzer, the high-ranking prosecutor he fired in August, conducted dueling, in-depth press conferences today.

After trying to groom Spitzer as his eventual replacement for 18 months, Rackauckas has labeled him immature, egotistical and unready professionally to assume the top slot in the DA's office. 

Borrowing a conference room from a local labor union, Spitzer--a former, maverick county supervisor and state Assemblyman--responded by calling Rackauckas incompetent and corrupt.

Why should anybody care about this nasty pissing match? 

Both men say they will run for DA in 2014.

Is Spitzer ready for the weighty job? Rackauckas certainly doesn't think so. He said he would run again specifically to block his ex-employee from taking control of the office. 

In response to my question, Spitzer declared himself a future DA candidate too.

"That's my plan: run in 2014," he said.

I'm saving my analysis for my Moxley Confidential column next Thursday, but in the meantime here are pictures from today's events:

Christopher Victorio / OC Weekly
An incredulous Spitzer: This is all they have?
Christopher Victorio / OC Weekly
An amused Rackauckas fields a question about what he saw as Spitzer's inability to see how his actions were repeatedly "inappropriate" before the firing.

Christopher Victorio / OC Weekly
Spitzer accused Republican heavyweight Mike "Vader" Schroeder of being Rackauckas' master as well as a tainted, key advisor to sheriff-turned-convicted-felon Mike Carona.

Christopher Victorio / OC Weekly
Rackauckas and five top DA aides address the local media today in an unprecedented press conference.

Christopher Victorio / OC Weekly
Spitzer say a conspiracy involving various other Republicans took him from being "the happiest man in the world" to the unemployment line.
Christopher Victorio / OC Weekly
Rackauckas Chief of Staff Susan Kang Schroeder says she now regrets helping to create "Frankenspitzer" because his top priority is "shameless self-promotion."

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