Live From Rizzo Watch 2010

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News vans clogged Lake Street in Huntington Beach this morning as TV crews stood sentry during what KTLA/Channel 5 reporter Eric Spillman referred to as "The Rizzo Watch."

Rizzo would be disgraced former Bell City Manager Robert Rizzo, who posted bail last night and left the LA County Jail for his Surf City abode.

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Needless to say, Jabba the Corrupt did not emerge from his wide recliner to entertain his uninvited guests outside.

Not one wave, nor "Get off my fucken lawn!"--nothing.

Rizzo, who pulled down $800,000 a year as tiny Bell's top administrator (and $1.5 million when you factored in the benefits, according to the LA Times), probably wished he was up at his ranch in Washington state.

His little "vacation home," which is only listed at about what he made annually without the benies, is shown below.

Not that we're encouraging anyone with cartons of eggs to go up and down Lake Street is search of a house that looks like this with news vans parked outside, oh heavens no!
The Rizzo-Carlton

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