Sunday News Notes: Reg Slams Loretta Sanchez

Local news highlights include:

Register against Loretta Sanchez but drags out marijuana stance
The editorial staff of the OC Register has declared itself for congressional candidate Van Tran, a Republican; U.S. Senate candidate Carly Fiorina, a Republican; and Whitman, yep, a Republican. "From our freedom values perspective," the Reg folks opined, Tran is superior to Loretta Sanchez, the incumbent who has supported Democratic policies that have "damaged the country." On Fiorina: "Californians deserve a change." On Whitman: She "is focused, no-nonsense." They also picked sides on all the state propositions, but declared their view on the pro-marijuana one as "pending." 

The rotting of America, part 634
A group of Los Angeles sheriff's deputies apparently desperate for a group sadomasochistic, homosexual experience have been accused of pulling a jail inmate out of his cell, yanking down his underwear to expose his genitals and pepper-spraying the man's penis and anus, according to a story by Robert Faturechi of the Times. Not surprised? Right, well, sexually-demented deputies obviously is not the breaking news here. Here's what is: Sheriff Lee Baca says he will no longer wait for a district attorney's office probe into such complaints because the DA's office is lazy or uninterested. Baca's says he's going to do his own internal affairs investigation. The deputies' union objects.

Yes, sign here and you'll get a badge, a gun, pepper spray and sadomasochistic experiences with trapped, nude men.
Today's lesson in logic
Frank J. Desantis writes in his Register "reader rebuttal" that efforts to end Columbus Day celebrations are ridiculous. His reasoning? "Nearly every state in America has a city named Columbus or Columbia, a sign of the tremendous role he played," wrote Desantis, a Villa Park resident. He also says that Columbus brought "Western civilization to America," thus putting "an eventual end to the wars between Indian nations." 

Losing the flock 
Story of the day goes to Deepa Bharath for her superb, massive profile of Chrystal Cathedral woes. The bankrupt Garden Grove mega-church has lost half its once 10,000-member flock and is struggling with huge debt and internal strife despite a whopping $90 million annual budget. Rev. Robert H. Schuller and his control-freak attitude is a large part of the problem, according to his son. Wonder how Thanksgiving dinner will go this year? 

Awkward: Son and Daddy Schuller.
Daniel Carlock found himself abandoned 12 miles off the Long Beach coast in the Pacific Ocean when the leaders of a scuba diving excursion returned to the dock without him in a horrific, five-hour 2004 incident, according to reporter Margot Roosevelt. On Friday, a Los Angeles jury awarded Carlock $1.68 million for the experience provided by Venice-based Ocean Adventures Dive Co. and Long Beach-based Sundiver Charters. Carlock now suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and skin cancer from exposure.

The fleecing of OC, part 8,938
Teri Sforza over at OC Watchdog details another spending abuse by local officials. When Irvine Ranch Water District officials attend "retirement galas, city council meetings, ribbon-cutting ceremonies, tours of other districts' facilities and--our personal favorite--local TV news shows," they charge the public $237 for each appearance. Sforza thanks Richard Baron, a reform candidate for a slot on the water district board for the dirt. On that point alone, voters need to put Baron into office, no?

Schwarzenegger in a skirt
Jerry Brown's pre-election polling advantage over Meg Whitman has doubled in one month in California's race to replace Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, according to Cathleen Decker at the LA Times. Decker cites a recent Times/USC poll showing Brown with 52 percent to Whitman's 39 percent and she blames the Republican's poor showing on "a tumultuous month" that slammed her veracity over her fired, illegal immigrant maid. Can't wait to see the damage from Brown's killer ad that shows Whitman stealing lines from Schwarzenegger speeches.

Roland Chi: Afraid of an opponent's campaign signs?
​Above the law?
Oh, you gotta love it: The folks at Friends For Fullerton's Future blog recently caught a man stealing campaign signs. That's a crime and they've got the photographic proof. Even better, the man drove off in a van registered to a business tied to city council candidate Roland Chi. Oops. This could present a problem. OC prosecutorial heavyweights Mike and Susan Kang Schroeder back Chi. Will the thief get a pre-election pass? 

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly

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