Santa Ana Neighborhood Halloween Decor Gone Too Far?

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Mary Bell/OC Weekly
KTLA 5 called it "one of the most ghoulish displays in the OC."

Plenty of neighborhoods go all out for Christmas--Candy Cane Lane in Torrance, Eagle Hills in Brea--but what about Halloween?

Three houses on Buffalo Ave. in Santa Ana have started up a friendly tradition of outdoing each other with Halloween decor.

The only problem: As with most things Halloween-y, some think the houses have gone too far with some displays--ritual human sacrifice, anyone? Video and more photos after the jump!

Mary Bell/OC Weekly
Photographer Mary Bell paid a visit to the houses and we've got a slideshow for you--yes, it's shot during the daytime, but it's much more detailed this way. Don't you want to see the decapitated heads and hanging bodies up close?

Mary Bell/OC Weekly
According to KTLA, the center of the controversy seems to revolve around a blonde, female, child-sized doll being "sacrificed" to raise the dead--pictured below.

Mary Bell/OC Weekly
Want to see more photos? Click here to see the slideshow.

But as the video below by KTLA shows, it's all for the kids: 

For anyone interested in visiting the houses of horror on Buffalo Ave. themselves, it's best to enter off of 17th and Lincoln due to major construction! Houses are located on Lincoln Ave. and E. Buffalo Ave. in Santa Ana.

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