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Welcome to Tweets From the Park!, where we round up the best, funniest and most irreverent tweets from Disneyland Resort for your reading pleasure. Follow us on Twitter @OCWeekly!

Le_Meister: On my way home from disneyland. Fucking drunk out of my. Mind.
elizabethesther: Went to Disneyland. Almost got run over by a herd of morbidly obese grannies in their ridiculously high-speed wheelchairs. #survivor
kartelmedia: I'm that guy though. The one who gets kicked out of places. I even got kicked out of disneyland once
WCWPSports: smh, Disneyland now has the motorized scooters for obese people. Why not walk around and work something off? Same goes for supermaerkets.
Dj_EmmTee: "@catherinetang: chick is wearing skinny jeans, uggs and a cable knit sweater at disneyland. Hello? It's august and freaking hot!" I <3 u
classclown91: My hatred for asians,fat people and gingers grow stronger at Disneyland!
BitchinWBinh: Looking at a chick whom pulled up her Ed Hardy shirt up to show off her tramp stamp at Disneyland.
sheniferous: Some chick wanted to take my picture at Disneyland today because my shirt was awesome. That, in turn, makes me awesomer-er.
PCz911: Legoland has fewer fat people attending than disneyland. Why is that?
Cyberbambi8: Occasional power outs here. House at 26C and cable down. Back up gens struggling like fat kid at DisneyLand.
SaintEke: I am drunk as fuck i drove like i was on a test the way here disneyland is awesome
holyteff: Disneyland today! imma b so fat cuz I am gonna pig out on all my food I've been missing! clam chowder, dole whip, Mickey pretzel here I come
badbadgirlx: @SubWonder I want one of those big fat pickles that are phallic and juicy. @girlmouse thought I was crazy walking around Disneyland with it
Gas01: fact: i got kicked out of disneyland for cutting lines.
elizabethesther: Question: if Disneyland banned churros, would the morbidly obese grannies in high-speed go-carts quit visiting? #iwish
Serggiooooo: Yupp. Lol well mickey found out about me and mini,and he kicked my ass plus I got kicked out of the band... Anddd can't go to Disneyland ...
VxNekoxV: I kicked a chick accidently at disneyland... Trying to get to the front of the line..

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