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Welcome to Tweets From the Park!, where we round up the best, funniest and most irreverent--and unbelievably racist--tweets from Disneyland Resort for your reading pleasure. Follow us on Twitter @OCWeekly!

JustSomeBlkGirl: Wow! Now the foreigners are trying to come in and switch Disneyland all up! Bitch, if you wear a head scarf then go work somewhere else! WTF
YourMomLoves_it: Thank you for your shit ass kids. They remind me to take my birth control, pull out, and swallow. #Disneyland
HiSSWeetTooTh: man have ya'll ever noticed how preciously sweet & beautiful snow white is at disneyworld/disneyland?? i wanna be that happy bitch!
121Gigawattz: Idea for that dumb bitch giving Disneyland shit for her stupidity. Dress up as Little Red Riding Hood. Problem solved.Next time try Hooters.
nikaplease: Fat people and strollers should be banned from Disneyland. Fat people with strollers should be killed.
TwoFace63: to the #disney worker who makin ruckis look bitch when #disneyland has a #711 inside the park you cant wear your fuckin towel onyourhead ok
Urilikya: There are so many abominable-looking, fat, slobish, ugly people at Disneyland. Just like every amusement park.
ricardozapata: It really grosses me out when a chick has her bra on way too tight and you see her back fat oozing out (@ Disneyland w/ 17 others)
Tayl0rMichael: Just got stared down by a couple of trannies. Bitch please we're leaving Disneyland not the clubs bitches!
EpcotServo: For one drunk Disneyland guest, one flight of stairs was enough of a Tower of Terror for him. #True
Oylear: I have officially eaten my 100th Disneyland churro!
OMGxITzxD: Lmao u want sex on the first date ? Take em to disneyland and pay fer their ticket that way theyll hav to pay u back some how lmao
itsParker: Disneyland is home to dreams and sexy girls! Wooho!
kimberlynicole: Pretty sure we just got an awful woman kicked out of Disneyland. There aren't really words to describe her behavior. Wow about covers it.
MyFriendBillyyy: Eating a gigantic turkey leg, homemade sammie, coca cola and gummy octopus on a bench @ Disneyland. looking like a fatty
joe_famous: Bitch fight at Disneyland! Started in a women's restroom apparently!
Fector: During the salmonella outbreak Disneyland is removing all reference to "really bad eggs" from the Pirates of the Caribbean song.
brendanlee: Really fun watching my wife bitch out several people at Disneyland for various uncouth transgressions against our happiness... #nocutsnobuts
BellaLeslie: Stupid school dress code is almost as bad as disneyland's. Neutral nail polish, natural make up, 1 stud per ear, hair up & natural, etc.
j_tographer: Smh #disneyland discrimination.
Waltarrrrr: @Disneyland As long as the person behind the counter gets my order right, I don't care what they're wearing.
kireisnowtenshi: Ok I don't care who I offend but Muslims are really expecting too much now...first the mosque in NY now DisneyLand?!
ChakaraWrites: ion care what anyone says Mickey was a cheater. He ran disneyland, so you know he had cartoon hoes lol #funnybusiness
imagineeringdis: I hear stories of child 'neglect' in the 70s- people dropped kids off at Disneyland in stead of day care. Wish my folks were that neglectful

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