[UPDATED:] Marcia Forsberg, OC Homicide No. 39: Deputies Say Her Hubby Did It


Richard Gustav Forsberg would bring his wife dinner every night, but their neighbors in Rancho Santa Margarita noticed 61-year-old Marcia Ann Forsberg was not around beginning in February. They asked the hubby, a computer manager who is also 61, what happened to his wife of nearly 40 years. First he said she was inside the home battling allergies. Later he told friends the cancer survivor was visiting friends in Arizona. The story changed yet again to include talk of marital problems and a possible separation.

Six months after Marcia first went missing, neighbors contacted authorities.

Richard and Marcia Forsberg
Last night, Richard was arrested for the murder of his high school sweetheart.

Neighbors on Cascada became suspicious when Richard gave them a date for Marcia's return from her trip and she did not show up.

That's when the husband Marcia was said to be so devoted to mentioned problems with their marriage and separation.

But her friends could not reach her via her cell phone. Marcia always maintained close contact with her friends. One in Oxnard contacted neighbors saying she was concerned for Marcia and asking if they'd seen her lately.

Richard tried to calm everyone down by saying his wife was due home at the end of September to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary.

But he was acting so strangely--and his story was changing so frequently--that the Orange County Sheriff's Department that patrols Rancho Santa Margarita was contacted.

Richard Forsberg reportedly told investigators he had not seen his wife since she left March 13 for Arizona. And yet, he never filed a missing person report.

Detectives could not verify Marcia was ever in Arizona or that she'd used her cell phone or credit cards since February. So, they returned to the Forsberg home the next day to follow up with Richard. By then, he had also vanished. He failed to show up again at home or work. Marcia's car was missing.

After breaking into the home and searching for clues, investigators named Richard a "person of interest" in the case of his missing wife.
Courtesy of Orange County Sheriff's Department
Richard Forsberg was booked on one count of murder this morning.
Television newscasts across Southern California carried the story, and a viewer to KTLA/Channel 5 contacted authorities to say Richard had been seen in the Palm Springs area.

Mr. Forsberg was found in a Palm Springs hospital Monday. He was questioned all day, then returned to Orange County for booking.

The charge: murder.

"He did make incriminating statements that implicated himself in his wife's murder," Jim Amormino, the Orange County Sheriff's Department spokesman, told reporters this morning.

He said Forsberg is believed to have murdered his wife inside their home and then dumped her body somewhere else.

"Mr. Forsberg rented a vehicle and transported the body to the secondary location," Amormino said. "We do not have that location at this time."

Deputies are confident they will find the doting wife's body, although they remain unclear about a motive.

Thank God for nosy neighbors.

UPDATE: Deputies this afternoon are focusing their search efforts for Marcia's remains on a fire pit at Lake Piru near Los Padres National Forest. Meanwhile, the Orange County District Attorney's Office has issued a statement on the charges against Richard Forsberg, which is on the next page.

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