Moving A Film Unfinished Opens in Irvine

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"Does it matter that a young Israeli filmmaker's imaginative reconstruction of an abandoned Nazi propaganda film about the Warsaw ghetto is not, strictly speaking, a documentary? Not if it sets a crucial historical record straight."

So begins the recommendation by amazing LA Weekly film critic Ella Taylor of filmmaker Yael Hersonski's A Film Unfinished, which opens today at the Regal Westpark in Irvine.

After World War II, East German archivists discovered the 1942 footage of life inside the ghetto, portraying rich Jews living the high life and exploiting the suffering of poor Jews. 

Hersonski, herself the granddaughter of a Warsaw ghetto survivor, rebuilt the rough cuts and added commentary from nine survivors as they watched the footage.

Read Taylor's full review here.

Then see you at the show.

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