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Welcome to Tweets From the Park!, where we round up the funniest and most irreverent tweets from Disneyland Resort for your reading please. Follow us on Twitter @OCWeekly!

oliviargolden: the disneyland tram bitch told me my glasses were earthy.
sabrinakay: Literally eating everything (and I mean everything) that Disneyland and California Adventure have to offer. Fat kid day to the extreme!
BoB_Nasty: Fuck Disneyland. Cali bitch
JeanPaulFrames: I go to Disneyland and punch the mascotts cuz I don't give a fuck! #thuglife
PnutOuais: via friend of a friend: Kelley just got called a bitch at Disneyland by the cluster blondes.
Mbenwell: F'n bitch. Just ruined my nice evening @ Disneyland because my ID proving I'm 26 expired 6 days ago that I couldn't purchase a beer. Retard
featurecreature: Fat people, fat people everywhere! (@ Disneyland w/ 8 others)

Chokin4Chode: Fuck a dead animal, run for mayor, take a shit on a disneyland ride, masturbate on an airplane, go to jail for child molestation #bucketlist
priscilavanilla: I love Disneyland. It's where you can be like, "Fuck you. I'm going on Splash Mountain. I'm on a plastic log, bitch." 8D
hannuhhgrant: Great, my mom is drunk at disneyland xD
YourHuge2012: I singed in for the Disneyland Birthday Club, and its telling me that I cant get it because Im one hot sexy beaner! Disney dont be racist...
BadAssFrank: Disneyland would truly be the happiest place on earth if I could get away with brutally murdering this old bitch in line in front of us.
stwright: Yesterday at Disneyland I had to convince my family that Wetzel's Pretzels hot dogs was NOT our best dinner option. #soclassy
teamlogan: BBQ sauce and grilled onion hot dogs and beer = Disneyland is heaven. #fb
KaylaKays: Mom: I don't know how all the mexicans afford to go to Disneyland when its hella expensive. Me: THAT WAS RACIST! Mom: So! It's true! - BITCH
Heatherrrc: sexual kids you are so annoying. if you wanted to have sex Disneyland was not the place to go.
theTimStewart: Bitch at disneyland got put in her mafuckin place. she didnt know what we she was in for give ME shit!
niggyride: Asian day at disneyland? Everyday is asian day at disneyland lmao
outlawcarnies: Disneyland was a success.... I tried to fuck snow white.... But I ended up with Marry Poppins.....
IYAHJOHN: Do the people in mickey mouse costumes at disneyland, smile for the camera. lmao
miss_marilyn: I'm so fuck ing mad right now i knew that this would happen i hate this disneyland for their stupid rules i'm going to write them an email
FiveStarPussy: My daughter is so damn silly..I tried 2 wake her up but she wudnt get up so I say "let's go 2 DisneyLand" n she got her ass up then Lmao
AlexGsSocks: #confession when I was nine I went to disneyland. My dad got drunk and confessed shit to me. That ruined my whole holiday.
priscilavanilla: I /really/ dont want a disneyland annual pass. I want an iMac. Lmfao.
PrestonVaughn: #howyouagangsta when u work ayt disneyland as mickey mouse
_BethRose: so, did everybody know that i frequently visit disneyland.... not cause i like the rides, i get sexually aggressive towards mickey mouse >:D
ohdanishpastry: I want to go to Disneyland while wearing Mickey Mouse hat and gloves. Until then, my childhood wouldn't be complete.

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