Is Santa Ana Finally Invading its Exclusive Floral Park Neighborhood?

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Don Papi Pulido: No trash cleaner is he!
The only time Fate takes me into SanTana's ritzy Floral Park neighborhood is while taking a shortcut across the city and straight through the area's heart: Santa Clara Avenue, from Bristol Street through Broadway. It's a picturesque commute, one where drivers see SanTana as the city's lords imagine it, a delusion at odd with SanTana's reality--nice homes, little litter, and nearly devoid of Mexicans.

But for at least the past five days, a dirty reminder of the city's reality has serenely lain on Santa Clara, a stone's throw from the estate of SanTana Mayor Don Papi Pulido, with no one from the neighborhood apparently minding. The unpleasant thing stayed on the street despite Floral Park holding a "Freedom Fest" July 3rd nearby, despite pleasant moms and dads walking their dogs around Santa Clara daily, despite the protestations of residents who insist their 'hood is perfect whenever I write about them here.

Contents the same as Don Papi Pulido's plans to better Santa Ana...

The diaper from a different angle:

Facing west on Santa Clara, just before Flower Street...


What's the excuse, Floral Park residents? How can you allow a soiled diaper to stay on your neighborhood's main drag for five days? Shit, I don't think even the Minnie Street neighborhood tolerates that. Aren't ustedes supposedly the shining civic examples to which the rest of SanTana--scratch that, the rest of the county--should mimic? Where's your civic pride, or at least a dust pan? Inquiring minds want to know!

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