Alexis Bellino, Real Housewives of Orange County Star, Nearly Loses Toddlers to Pool at Tony Balboa Bay Club: TMZ

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"It's all about the family Fourth of July," posts The Real Housewives of Orange County star Alexis Bellino on her Facebook page.

That's followed by several exclamation points to drive home Mom of the Year's point.

However, it was all about saving her family, or at least part of it, when a reportedly unattended stroller carrying two of her toddlers rolled into the Balboa Bay Club pool on July 4.

From Alexis Bellino's Facebook page
"Its [sic] all about the family Fourth of July!!!!!!!!" writes Alexis Bellino under this photo. "Wow, it's crowded," responds one of her Facebook friends. "I hope that you were able to enjoy yourselves. I hate crowds."
TMZ has the scoop.

The online gossipinator, citing Balboa Bay Club security as its source, reports Bellino and her husband Jim were preoccupied by something else at Newport Beach's tony hotel resort when the stroller with the rugrats rolled into the drink.

"According to multiple security officers on scene, the lifeguard pulled the stroller out of the water with one child still in it," TMZ fumes. "Alexis' husband dove in to save the other one."

Jim Bellino counters in the same post that, "There was no lifeguard needed or involved."

Whichever side did the spinning, it was agreed neither child required medical attention and both are now doing fine.

Well, as fine as can be expected considering . . . you know.

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