Bartender Again Gives Up Her Butt for Boobs

Serena Stewart is once again giving up her butt for boobs--that is, the nanny, bartender and motorcyclist is enduring the pain to her backside from riding a motorcycle for more than 9,000 miles to raise money for breast cancer survivors.

Stewart pushed off on her '06 Harley Davidson Road King in San Clemente today for her third annual, cross-country "Butts for Boobs" fundraiser.

Riding 1,000 miles in a 24-hour period is considered an "Iron Butt."

Stewart has at least four Iron Butts set up during a trip that includes stops in San Diego, Seattle, Key West, Florida, and Bangor, Maine.

Her reason for riding so far, so long and so butt-numbingly hits home.

"Breast cancer touches all of our lives," she explains in a press release from her chosen charity, Breast Cancer Solutions (BCS). "We all know someone who has had breast cancer or someone who will get breast cancer and everyone can help in some way."

Her "someones" include a grandmother who was a cancer survivor for 20 years and an aunt who is a 12-year survivor.

Of course, no matter which metal element one's bum is converted into during a long moto-ride, one really can't call it a fundraiser if no funds are raised.

That's where you come in--and no, it doesn't involve your butt.

Per-mile donations for Stewart's ride are being accepted here. All funds raised help provide temporary financial assistance to defray living expenses or medical insurance costs for local breast cancer patients. You can also call in pledges to (866) 960-9222.

Since its founding in 1998, BCS boasts of having helped 1,300 people in Orange, Riverside, San Diego and San Bernardino counties.

"I'm so happy to do something I love and raise money for women in need and a program who supports them," says Stewart.

Ride on, sister!

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