PHOTOS: Seize BP Protest at the Aquarium of the Pacific

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Christopher Victorio
So the turn-out wasn't so hot, but a protest against BP took place this afternoon in Long Beach at the Aquarium of the Pacific. It was all a part of the Seize BP Campaign's National Days of Action--similar demonstrations took place in more than 50 cities across the country.

The Aquarium of the Pacific is the site of the newly renovated $4M "BP Sea Otter Habitat," named and donated by BP four years ago. More photos after the jump. 

The end of the march - outside the Aquarium of the Pacific.JPG
Christopher Victorio

A creative hippie.JPG
Christopher Victorio
One of the few handmade signs at the protest.

A protester gets inerviewed by the Associated Press.JPG
Christopher Victorio
A protester is interviewed by the Associated Press.

A handful of prostestors at the corner of Shoreline and Aquarium.JPG
Christopher Victorio
Just a handful of prostestors at the corner of Shorline and Aquarium.

To see even more photos, just click here for the full slideshow.

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