Pedo-Priest Photo of the Day!

Categories: Ex Cathedra
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To the right is Denis Lyons, a pedo-priest that has cost the Diocese of Orange quite a few bucks in cash and who keeps inspiring lawsuits against him because of his grubby hands way back when. Lyons was in Orange County Superior Court today, as he's awaiting arraignment on a criminal case involving him. If sentenced, he will become one of the precious few of the Orange diocese's dozens of pedo-priests to ever face criminal charges.

This is his disgusting, withered front. Click on the jump to see him from behind!

Not the greatest of shots, but you take what you can get with pedo-priests...gracias, source!
Lyons' arraignment has been postponed until July 23. Congrats to District Attorney Tony Rackauckas for pursuing this bastard. In the meanwhile: heckuva job, Brownie!

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