[UPDATED:] New Details [and Videos] Emerge About Double Murder Suspect Dan Wozniak

UPDATE: A Sims-style video based on the police account of the two murders Daniel Wozniak has been accused of carrying out has been posted on YouTube. More details throughout . . .

The video was created for NMA World Edition, the YouTube page for Taiwan-based Next Media Animation, "the largest full-service 3D animation studio in Asia." They boast of supplying "animation-to-order to some of the biggest entertainment and news providers around the world."

NMA certainly turns its work around quickly, as evidenced by the video above and others the animators have posted based on such recent news events as Israeli soldiers storming a Gaza Strip aid convoy, the massive, tropical storm-created sink hole in Guatemala and the killing of three judges in China by a man who then took his own life.

But what is shown above may only be the second-most controversial video connected to the Wozniak case.

The online news site Yes, But, However! has posted video of a promotion Wozniak, his fiancee Rachel Buffett and two other young actors did for an Orange County Theatre Group production earlier this year of the college musical The Green Room.

The same video has been removed from YouTube and any of the troupe's sites or social network pages. The online comments include a demand that the video be removed from Yes, But, However! as well.

"YOU stole this video and YOU MODIFIED IT from its original state. YOU DO NOT have permission to use this video. you must remove it... OCTC," states Hunter Dion.

But a fan of the site identifying himself as Steven Moser defends the posting of the video, pointing out Wozniak made himself newsworthy, Buffett is also through no fault of her own and its use is consistent with fair use rules governing news organizations' ability to use copyrighted material.

Moser also notes that promotional videos made by the "BTK Killer" were also shown by news organizations.

"Personally, I find the above footage compelling, because Wozniak seems so damn amiable, funny, and ordinary," Moser writes. "He comes off as no different than every stocky, jovial actor I've ever encountered in 10 years of doing improv in LA. Watching the footage, it's chilling to think that such a person was apparently capable of such horrific evil."

The accompanying Yes, But, However! text may be more important because it provides still more clues as to who the suspected killer and the murder victims, Costa Mesa 26-year-old Samuel Eliezer Herr and Irvine 23-year-old Juri "Julie" Kibuishi (OC Homicides Nos. 19 and 22), were.

From Dan Wozniak's Facebook page
Not John, Dan!
These have now been added to the list below that is also based on press statements released by police and prosecutors, reports here and here in the Orange County Register, and information gleaned from social networking sites.

  • Wozniak was arrested Wednesday at his bachelor party in an unspecified Huntington Beach restaurant.

  • He was originally believed to be an accomplice of Herr, who police at first thought raped and shot Kibuishi and fled.

  • Herr had served with the Army's 173rd Airborne, with tours in Afghanistan and Germany. He left the military last summer, and was attending Orange Coast College on the G.I. Bill, with the hope of earning a college degree and rejoining the Army as an officer.

  • Kibuishi was Herr's tutor and friend.

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