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Nommy nom.
Our weekly roundup of some of the best--and the worst--tweets from the park that's only sometimes the happiest place on earth. Follow us @OCWeekly!

allieegatorrr: If i pregnant bitch goes to disneyland do they have to pay extra for a carry on passenger
Grovah: @danskelton oh I can't stand disneyland. Its hot its overpriced and everyones fat.
MrFuckThat: #uglygirlsshould work at Disneyland "As the Disney Characters" but thats too much ugly to hide

ItsJustJewelZ: HA she said Disneyland bitch I live in OC and I can't afford to go to Disneyland I haven't Seen Mickey Mouse since that mutha fucka was 17!
parker_parker: Son of a bitch!! @BritneySpears went to Disneyland on Mother's Day with her boys! I was there that day!! So close!
trainrekk: #itwasfununtil i up-chuk at disneyland.... #fact no more alcohol for a while ... #myonlyquestionis how did i get home.... #fml
Fresh_Princ3: Disneyland is some bullshit I just saw a bitch that looked exacttly like miney mouse and I dint think it was on purpose
MichelSven: Box of wine, check, hangover check , DisneyLand here we come! Watch out snow white, Bitch gettin a beat down
clayboy11: @christiandudeee don't talk shit about Disneyland bitch!
smoria80: #damnyoufreaky when you have sexy on the its a small world after all ride @ disneyland
Laurendorcus: @ Disneyland. Saw a hot guy, but he was gay. Saw another hot guy, he started kissing guy #1. I think he might be gay too. #damnthisplace lol
TheAvgAmFemale: Soon we have to stop going outside FTW WTF @LAWeekly Unattended backpack in @Disneyland, the area has been evacuated -
AlyMarieLove: Eric from the Disneyland Hotel just called Betty White a GILF! Wtf really a GILF!

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