Brownbaggers and Teabaggers to Meet Goldman Sachs Attackers at Rep. John Campbell's Office

Categories: Politics
As mentioned here, the Progressive Democrats of America and their fellow "Brownbaggers" have invited tea party activists to join them at Afghanistan war spending protests at noon today in front of congressional district offices around the country, including that of Rep. John Campbell (R-Newport Beach).

They'll apparently have some company, as is sponsoring a "Throw Back Goldman Sachs Rally" at the same time and place, 610 Newport Center Dr., Newport Beach.

"We'll call on Rep. Campbell to return any and all campaign contributions from Goldman Sachs or any other Wall Street Ripoff Artist, we'll ask him to investigate the revolving door between Goldman Sachs executives and government positions, and to demand strong campaign finance and ethics reforms so this never happens again," states MoveOn's announcement.

MoveOn Councils around the country are holding rallies in front of congressional offices "to hold Goldman Sachs accountable for helping tank our economy."

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