Congressman Gary Miller to Reporter: "...You're Being Annoying"

Rep. Gary Miller: might be too late for the Constitution backdrop photo ops.
This is a few days old, but Red County just mentioned it in passing and it's still giggle-worthy enough to post.

Republican congressman Gary Miller, whose bizarelly shaped district includes North Orange County and Mission Viejo, doesn't like being called corrupt. Not one bit. Watch:

Apparently, Miller's been drawing some heat from a self-professed watchdog group that says he steered federal earmarks towards projects outside of his district for major campaign donors. When FOX LA reporter Gina Silva tries to ask him about it, Miller seems very annoyed. Later, he implies to her face that yes, he is very annoyed. Fast forward to 1:10 for the best exchange.

Miller has struck out with many in the tea-partying base of the Republican party for supporting TARP. He's facing a surprisingly spirited primary fight against opponents like Phil Liberatore, who picked up a Joe Arpaio endorsement and whose last name is, like, tailor-made for the tea parties. It's liberator plus an E!

The news segment also features a shot of another of Miller's primary challenger, Lee McGroarty, sitting in front of a computer and watching his own campaign video. Weird. TV news is strange--but never say that it doesn't occasionally afflict the comfortable. 

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