AP-Petside Poll: 45-Percent of All Pet Owners Carry Photographs of Their Pets

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Meet Wembley. Tell me how cute she is.
And now for something important: A new poll conducted by AP-Petside has found that 45-percent of all pet owners carry photos of their animals.

But maybe cat owners don't deserve the crazy cat lady rap here: 48-percent of dog owners have photos of their pets at all times, while only 37-percent of cat owners do the same.

The poll also found that women were more prone to carrying photographs of their pets, with 52-percent admitting to the practice. Only 36-percent of men, however, said they did the same.

And I guess we can't forget about the kids (meh) here: 90-percent of women and 80-percent of men keep pictures of their children with them.

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