A New Holiday Approaches: Harvey Milk Day

Based on a true story.
​Various conservative-types flipped their lids (closet doors?) when, last year, the governor and the state legislature approved giving the late, gay San Francisco city supervisor Harvey Milk his own holiday: May 22.

So how are you going to be spending your very first Harvey Milk day?

One possibility is provided by the Orange County Equality Coalition, which the Weekly profiled last October. The group will hold an event on Friday, May 21, at the Yost Theater in Santa Ana from 7:30 to 10 p.m. There'll be a performance by Men Alive chorus and the heart-string-tugging OCEC storytellers, as well as a screening of documentary The Life and Times of Harvey Milk. Tickets here.

For other options--in Los Angeles, natch--check here. Or just piss of the Orange County Board of Education by telling a child that gay people exist!

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