[UPDATED:] Juri Julie Kibuishi and Samuel Eliezer Herr, OC Homicides No. 19 and 22: Both Executed, He Was Also Dismembered

UPDATE: They have found Sammy Herr's head (details after the jump) . . .

Courtesy of Costa Mesa Police Department
Daniel Patrick Wozniak has been arrested for Juri Julie Kibuishi and Samuel Herr's murders.
Samuel Eliezer Herr's father went to his 26-year-old son's apartment in Costa Mesa Saturday night to check on him.

Instead of finding his son, dad found a deceased woman in the fourth-floor, one-bedroom unit at the Camden Martinique Apartments, 2800 Pinecreek Drive.

Because Herr was no where to be found, he was originally considered the prime suspect in the murder of Juri Julie Kibuishi, 23, of Irvine. Now he is considered the second murder victim of the man who has been arrested for Kibuishi's slaying.

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Actually, Herr was killed before Kibuishi, according to police.

Samuel Eliezer Herr
Officers summoned by Herr's father arrived at Camden Martinique just before 9:30 p.m. Saturday and discovered Kibuishi had not only been shot once in the head with a shotgun, but she apparently had been sexually assaulted. Her clothing had been removed.

Text messages were found between Kibuishi and Herr's cell phones that showed Kibuishi voluntarily went to the apartment. Because Herr and his white Pontiac were no where to be found, police originally identified him as the prime suspect in Kibuishi's murder.

Herr, who lived alone in the apartment, was originally identified as a friend of Kibuishi. The apartment where she took her last breath is across from Orange Coast College, where there are three different apartment complexes.

Detectives learned that ATM withdrawals were being made with Herr's debit card at various locations in Long Beach.

After conducting surveillance, a 17-year-old was arrested. Under questioning, the unidentified juvenile spilled that he had been given the card and was directed to withdraw money by Daniel Patrick Wozniak, 27, of Costa Mesa.

Wozniak was arrested Wednesday at a restaurant in Huntington Beach. At the time, he was still believed to be an accessory and Herr remained the prime suspect. However, based on additional investigation, this is what police say happened to Herr:

  • At about 1 p.m. last Friday, May 21, Wozniak and Herr drove to the Los Alamitos Joint Forces Training Base, where Wozniak allegedly shot and killed Herr in the base's theater facility.

  • Wozniak is then accused of having dismembered Herr by removing his head, left arm, and right hand. Dismembered body parts were spread around El Dorado Park in Long Beach.

  • Based on the new information, Costa Mesa police searched the Los Alamitos base and El Dorado Park with the help of the FBI and the Long Beach Police Department. Herr's torso was found at the base, but the search is still on for other body parts at the park.

UPDATE: This is a message one normally does not find in their email inbox Saturday morning. It's from the Costa Mesa Police Department: This morning, after two three days of searching, search teams at El Dorado Park in Long Beach located the missing severed head of Costa Mesa homicide victims Samual Herr. This was a joint multi-agency search involving numerous Southern and Central California law enforcement K9 and search and rescue groups.

After leaving the park, Wozniak used Herr's cell phone to text message Kibuishi and arrange for her to come to Herr's apartment. She arrived just after midnight Saturday and, after helping her into the apartment, Wozniak is alleged to have shot and killed her before removing her clothing to make it appear a sexual assault had taken place, according to police.

Herr's car was found Thursday a half-mile from Camden Martinique.

Noah David Buffett, 28, of Long Beach, and Wozniak's brother, Timothy Wozniak, were arrested on suspicion of accessory after the fact. Police believe they helped dispose of evidence other than the body, according to police.

According to the Orange County District Attorney's Office, Daniel Wozniak is being treated at Western Medical Center for undisclosed injuries while awaiting arraignment on murder charges with special circumstances that could get him a sentence of life in prison without parole if convicted.

Police have not been able to establish if anyone involved in the case had any association with the Los Alamitos Joint Forces Training Base. They believe the suspect was motivated by money. About $2,000 was withdrawn from Herr's bank account.

Kibuishi is listed as one of the friends on Wozniak's Facebook page.

Anyone with additional information is encouraged to contact Detective Sergeant Ed Everett at (714) 754-5395 or Detective Jose Morales at (714) 754-5637.

A local theater actor, Wozniak's performance in the Hunger Artists' recent production of the musical Nine was lauded by Weekly theater critic Joel Beers, whose review appeared in print and online 15 days before Herr was killed.

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