10 Bottom OC Elementary Schools*

Categories: School Daze
*based on the California Department of Education's just-released Academic Performance Index (API) rankings, which are derived from statewide test scores.

We listed the top 10 public elementary schools in Orange County earlier today, so here come the bottom 10, in descending order. (Numero uno does not sound as if it belongs.) . . .

9.) Wallace R. Davis, Santa Ana (706)

8.) Pomona, Costa Mesa (701)

7.) Lampson, Garden Grove (694)

5.) (tie) Everett R. Rea, Costa Mesa (691)
            Jose Sepulveda, Santa Ana (691)

4.) John F. Kennedy, Santa Ana (687)

3.) San Juan, San Juan Capistrano (686)

2.) Garfield, Santa Ana (670)

1.) Orange County Educational Arts Academy, Santa Ana (660)

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