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"Hard to live up to Disney standards..."
It's Tweets from the Park, where we round up the week's funniest and most eyebrow raisin' tweets from Disneyland Resort. Follow us on Twitter @OCWeekly!

Zoraaay: Me:Mommy can we go to disneyland? Mom: You guys are waaay too old Seestur: BITCH WE'LL NEVER BE TOO OLD...god I ADORE my family
TheProwler33: My dad just told me he got kicked out of Disneyland in 1977 for smoking pot on Tom Sawyers Island #thatsdown
Jay_See_: no school tomorrow. disneyland instead :D mr. bernbaum can suck a fat one! hahaha
supbear: who got kicked out of disneyland? I did. who got a refund? I did. who bought more lbc dank? I did.

RajeevWins: There's a gay dude in the airport next to me crying cuz he couldn't bring his chiuahua to Disneyland. #getyourshittogether
TayGoGo: Got a mexican girl's number at Disneyland. hahhaha wtf. Sorry sweety. #gay and #taken . my homeboy @quinnlewis might want you though.
anissaru: Since when is Michael Jackson a captain of a spaceship that saves ugly women with his dancing powers? Oh, Disneyland...
misschiefsblog: @LivitLuvit I met "Aladdin" at Disneyland once and he was SO ultra flaming gay. It was awesome.
kalinex: The quality of ugly never disappoints at #disneyland
cheyennehugs: aladdin was sexy today @ disneyland.
SexiEbbi: #disneydreamweddings do u really dream of your dream wedding at Disneyland? #imjustsayin you aren't 12 nemore bitch ur 35
thereal_nino: Drank a 4 locos.,. I'm in disneyland swervin and pervein... Sick vats!.. A lot of these white girls are sexy
sebastiankunz : Where not to wear red? 1- Target, unless you wanna answer questions, 2-beaming down w/ Capt Kirk, 3- Disneyland Gay Day, unless, you know...
falloutcub: I wanna go to Disneyland for my birthday, and I want all the cute fat boys to go with me :) April 15th #RyansChubbyDisneyBearthday
sexbiscuit: ...I want to have sex at....Disneyland! Wouldn't that be amazing? Having sex at the happiest place on Earth would be epic in so many ways!
emjayfools: Coworker-"We wanna have sex at disneyland" Me-"You'd wanna have sex at disneyland?!" "That's like having sex in a church!"
JusticeJOLT: I would hate to be stuck on a ride at Disneyland. That would suck floppy, donkey dick.

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