Lady Gaga is Orly Taitz? Old News, OC Register

OC Register screen shot
Grounds for a RICO suit, we say.

Total Buzz, the Orange County Register's "insiders' hotline to politics in O.C.," posted an item over the weekend with an insider tip from a Register photo editor saying that Laguna Niguel Obama-suer Orly Taitz looks, kinda, like pop diva Lady Gaga.

With the post, though, the SOROS-FUNDED reporter Martin Wisckol engaged in JOURNALISTIC MALPRACTICE by not addressing the fact that Taitz has already dealt with this Gaga accusation.

Back in February, someone sent Taitz this e-mail with a link to a Facebook group addressing this very topic:

orlytaitzgagaemail.png screenshot

And here's Taitz's eloquent response:

orlytaitzgagaresponse.jpg screenshot

See? Taitz hasn't even heard "Bad Romance." And that photo editor wasn't the first person to notice the resemblance. Prepare for a multi-state lawsuit with 136 military plaintiffs for DEFRAUDING THE PUBLIC and HATE CRIMES, Comrade Wisckol!!

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