Judge Spikes Orly Taitz's Attempt to Get In on Multi-State Anti-Healthcare Suit

John Gilhooley / OC Weekly
There's a joke about white coats somewhere in this...
​Laguna Niguel's Dr. Orly Taitz was planning to pull another Forrest Gump moment next week by showing up in a Florida courtroom to participate in the headline-grabbing lawsuit of 13 attorneys general against the new healthcare reform law.

Today, though, a judge said "no" that idea. 

Earlier this afternoon, Senior U.S. District Judge Roger Vinson dismissed Taitz's motion to intervene. Just this past week, Taitz had been writing on her blog that she hoped Vinson hadn't been bought off/threatened/mind-controlled by Obama, which would make him different from every single other judge she has ever dealt with over the course of her one-and-a-half-year eligibility adventure. 

A choice passage from the ruling flagged by one of our commenters:

Accordingly, in the exercise of my "sound discretion," I will deny the request for permissive intervention on the facts of this case. The parties to this litigation, and, indeed, the citizens of this country, have an interest in having this case resolved as soon as practically possible. That task will be made exponentially more difficult if all those who have an opinion and an interest in the outcome of the case were allowed to intervene and to join in these proceedings. Already this court has received many such pro se requests for intervention. Furthermore, with respect to Taitz's motion in particular, I believe the parties to this case and the court should remain focused solely on the legal issues raised by the named plaintiffs, and not concern themselves with collateral issues (such as, for example, whether President Obama has provided sufficient proof of a valid birth certificate).
Read the full ruling below. We think her attempt to morph her Taitz vs. Obama eligibility challenge into a healthcare challenge remains unaffected by this ruling. Lawyers?

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