Gustavo Invited to Give Commencement Speech at UCLA!

To Make the Cosmos Right, USC Now has to Invite One of their Local GOP Joke Alumni...

For some bizarre reason, UCLA--where I received a master's degree in Latin American Studies in 2003--has decided to invite me to give the school's undergrad commencement speech this year. Yeah, I'm wondering what batch of refried beans warped the reasoning of school officials, too.

But the invitation is done, and I'm planning to join an exclusive list of people who have addressed a Bruin graduating class like some guy from Linkin Park and some administrator or other.

Some flattering reactions after the jump!

From Twitter:

@jeffreezy my Spanish major finally coming in handy.

@familyvan I thought April fools was last week...

@Reuth That's the weakest thing ever

And then this Facebook couplet:

your [sic] a joke, you don't deserve to be a speaker at such a prestigious university. you are a local columnist. Respect your university and refuse your offer. I don't want to hear a weekly newspaper columnist talk. accomplish [sic] something of any...any...before you ever think of speaking at UCLA.

Yay! Can't wait until Know Nothings, pedophile-apologists, and the SanTana City Council starts lodging formal rants...

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