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Welcome to Tweets From the Park, our weekly roundup of some of the best--and the worst--tweets from the park that's only sometimes the happiest place on earth. Follow us on Twitter @OCWeekly!

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nealpollack: Enjoyed a day at Disneyland with all the other fat American morons.
toastboy23: Kevin Smith is here at Disneyland. He's too fat to eat at the corn dog castle. Wait for tweets.
uhhhlauren: Drunk at Disneyland with babyy<3
Davon523: mom tryna say i cant go to disneyland cause i got 2 f's , wtf i do not have two f's
RickLoPan: A trending topic right now is ideal sex environments, and a lot of dudes are saying Disneyland. They mean with adults, right?

JDenning88: is it true that cast members sneak away and have sex on the matterhorn at #Disneyland? My coworker told me it happens!
Ealasaid: OMG, Captain Eo is back and just as cracktacular as I remember. Oh, 80s, you so crazy. #Disneyland
diversocopia: 149 bucks for a disneyland 3 day ticket for a 5 year old. OMG. My kid better enjoy this trip.
SDCanadian: I don't remember Captain Pedo...I mean Captain Eo being so gay! Rainbow powered. in Disneyland (PIC)
Prone_GT: When you cant take out frustration with angry sex, try the next best thing... Disneyland! Gonna go clear my head for a few hours.
18_carrie: whoa! they have a gay day at Disneyland??? that's.....odd
OMFGitsASHh: @MissyVIKTORIA with drew! Duuuh! We r going to have hot sticky dirty sex in disneyland. Bahahaha..
Poptacular: @BillieJen Thats why I love Disneyland!! I get all giggly an childish there! Lol. (Getting drunk does that too.) Haha.
xobieberfan99xo: omg i tried to enter to meet justin at disneyland but u have to be 18 years or older thats so gay!!!!!!!!!!!
mbelle100: omg just saw a lady at albertsons shopping in her disneyland startours uniform. shes awesome.
kobunheat: We are being escorted out of the park. Three guesses as to why.
kobunheat: Ok, it's cause we bought bottles of wine and had to stash them outside the park. But still. Escorted out of Disneyland.

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