Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis to Address OC Hispanic Bar Association, Join their Disney Love-In

Solis: Will dine on fancy food just weeks after Disney hotel workers fasted...

Quite a few readers pointed out to me after my post ridiculing the Orange County Hispanic Bar Association (for pretending to care for working Latinos while scheduling their shindig this Saturday at Disney's Grand Californian Hotel) that I missed the best part of the story: the keynote speaker will be Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis. Gracias for the reminders, cabrones, but I didn't: I wanted to save that tidbit for today!

Solis--who made her name in the California State Legislature and Congress fighting for working-class stiffs--will be speaking at a hotel whose workers are striking. Real champion of workers there, Solis! But I'm glad in a way Solis is playing the vendida role, because maybe this will convince people that the Obama administration really isn't filled with socialists but rather centrist Democrats--ah, who am I kidding. Go back to painting the President as the Joker, Tea Baggers!

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