PHOTOS: Ariel, Belle and Minnie Like You've Never Seen--Burlesqueland!

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Christopher Victorio
On March 17, the babes of Peepshow Menagerie kicked off bringing it all together with two Disney-themed burlesque productions. The first night took place at Bordello's, where Burlesqueland featured some "Dizney-inspired" performances by Venue DeMille, Mimi LeMeaux, Scarlett Letter, Ava Garter, Anna Bells, Bobbie Burlesque and Sophia Sirena, Red Snapper, Miss Angie Cakes, Dahlia DeLust, Kimberlee Rose, Anastasia Von Teaserhagen, Fever Blister and Josie Bunnie, Veronica Pune and guests.

Day Two of Burlesqueland will continue on March 18, with a trip to Disneyland Resort, and Day Three will close off Burlesqueland! with a final performance at 3 Clubs in Hollywood. Visit for more info.

After the jump: Minnie, Belle and Cruella like you've never seen.

Christopher Victorio
What Cruella had under those furs this whole time...

Christopher Victorio

Christopher Victorio
Every gal's dream: Rolling around with puppies.

veronica yune is pinnochio.JPG
Christopher Victorio
Veronica Yune makes the cutest Pinocchio we've ever seen.

she aint got no strings.JPG
Christopher Victorio
She ain't got no strings.

Venus  Demille.JPG
Christopher Victorio
Venus DeMille is Minnie Moocher.

Venus Demile is Minnie the Moocher.JPG
Christopher Victorio
My, what giant hands you have...

Tinker Bell ala Ava Garter.JPG
Christopher Victorio
Ava Garter is Tinkerbell.

Coolio Bordellos down - it's hot in here.JPG
Christopher Victorio
Cooling Bordello's down.

Tinker Bell is hot.JPG
Christopher Victorio

Christopher Victorio
You know, Belle was always our favorite princess.

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