James Dalton Bratcher, Accused of Groping Breasts on OC-Bound Plane

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James Dalton Bratcher of New Jersey was charged Tuesday with groping the breasts of sleeping female passengers on a night flight from Newark to Orange County.

Bratcher allegedly wandered the aisles of the Continental plane Friday and molested two fellow passengers as they slept in their seats, according to a Los Angeles Times report citing federal authorities.

One woman claimed the accused groper grabbed her hooters on two separate occasions during the flight, and both victims told authorities they awoke to discover Bratcher walking away from them.

The formal charge against him is knowingly causing sexual contact with another person without that person's permission, and because the alleged offense occurred on an airplane, he is accused of breaking a federal law.

Scott Glover writes in the Times that Bratcher was ordered held without bond at his Tuesday hearing after a prosecutor cited his past convictions and argued he was a danger to the public.

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