Surf Deck: The iPhone App To Teach You How to Surf

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iPhone users can use the many useful (and worthless) applications for their phone, whether it be to find their new favorite restaurant, to send their secret lover a message with TigerText--an app advertised for adulterers, you see--or to find the closest public restroom. Anything you want: There's an app for that.

But who knew a phone could teach someone how to surf? With over 50,000 apps now in existence, you can now also download Surf Deck, a complete beginner's guide to surfing.

The user-friendly app teaches you how to surf using a series of interactive cards with easy to understand instructions with painted art illustrations. Topics covered by Surf Deck include equipment, surf conditions, safety, actually going surfing, etc.

And hey, would you look at that? Two-time World Surfing Champion Tom Carroll even states in the press release that "Surf Deck carves a new path for surfing education--must have for all beginners."

And a pretty, pretty bonus: The illustrations originate from the rain forests of Cairns, Australia, by artist Wade Lewis, who has been featured in galleries in Los Angeles throughout the '90s.

After the jump: More screen grabs from Surf Deck and info on where you can download yours.

Surf Deck

Surf Deck

The application is being offered for $1.19 for a limited time (not including the $200 to make your iPhone waterproof). To download your app, or to try out other boarding apps, click here!

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