Barbara Coe: President Obama a Manchurian Muslim

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Bill Hunt: Don't think I don't know you addressed the CCIR recently...

How much crazier can Barbara Coe get? The head of the California Coalition for Immigration Reform has already said President Barack Obama is "worse, much worse" than Hitler. She even wished swine flu on him. And the Birfer thing is a given--indeed, I saw Coe enter the U.S. federal court in SanTana last Friday, papers in hand. But now Coe, with absolutely no evidence whatsoever, claims Obama not only is a Muslim terrorist, but also a Communist stooge, and weren't the Commies atheists?

In a Feb. 18 letter to her minions, Coe forwarded some article criticizing Obama that used the phrase "make-believe life."

"A 'make-believe' life?" Coe wheezed between bouts of sucking on her Marlboros. "Perhaps that is the phrase for (in my opinion) a devout fanatic Muslim (torture, kill all 'infidels') who was 'bought, paid for' and groomed by the Communist Party to destroy America."

At what point does Coe join the American Third Position Party?

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