What You Missed: Garden Grove Tet Festival, Roller Derby, Lucent L'amour

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Keith May
The Huntington Beach Heartbreakers are coming for you.
Whether or not you're big on Valentine's Day (and really, c'mon, it's a pretty lame holiday), this past weekend was filled with all sorts of events to hit up. The first thing we did was check out the latest OC Roller Girls bout, with the Huntington Beach Heartbreakers versus the Back Bay Bombshells. There was pain, there was injury, but most of all, there were really awesome, badass babes on wheels. We like. Click here to see the slideshow by Keith May.

Kimberly Valenzuela
Tet on wheels!
People of all ages celebrated Tet, or Vietnamese New Year, this year in Garden Grove on this weekend. Celebrations included a parade, food, dragon dancers and more. But the parade brought its own controversy: The Partnership of Vietnamese Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Organizations--which includes Sống Thật Radio ("live true"), Gay Vietnamese Alliance, Ô-Môi and the Vietnamese Lesbian and Bisexual Women Network and Friends--marched in the parade down Bolsa Avenue, despite some opposition. (Click here for the full details in Matt Coker's post.) View the photos by Kimberly Valenzuela right there.
Kimberly Valenzuela

lucent dossier7.JPG
Chris Victorio
Just a normal night at Lucent L'amour.
They called it a "visionary love fest," but it was really a festival (...rave) of over 100 artists at the Shrine Expo Hall in Los Angeles celebrating love, art and music on Saturday called Lucent L'amour. And it was fucking crazy. Seriously. Check out the reeeally colorful photos by Chris Victorio right here.

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