What Will It Take for the OC Register to Label Gary McKnight a Pervert-Coddler?

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McKnight: The luckiest man in the sports section
Photo by Jennie Warren

Not again...the Orange County Register planted another Valentine to Mater Dei boys' basketball coach Gary McKnight, this one longer than usual, hyped on the front page, and printed in the A section so non-sports fans can learn about his glory. The strangest line in the story? When reporter Damian Calhoun wrote McKnight "has weathered controversies involving an assistant coach."

Gee, I wonder which assistant coach THAT could be? Maybe it was Jeff Andrade, McKnight's former player at Ocean View High and MD assistant who had a thing for Catholic-school girls, got canned for it by Mater Dei officials in the one good move accomplished in the Monarchs' history, then was welcomed back by McKnight despite the explicit warning of the school president? You mean THAT controversy, Register editors? Why on Earth wouldn't you want parents to know that? Maybe because it would endanger your cozy relationship with McKnight? Inquiring minds want to know!

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