Reader Comments Funnier Than Register Stories on Slimy Santa Ana Mayor Pulido, Great Park Balloon Parachute Jumper

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Doug Irving of the Orange County Register on Monday reports that Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido voted on a project involving his former business clients. It's a solid report, although it read much better the first time it ran, as the Jan. 29 OC Weekly cover story by R. Scott Moxley.

Funnier . . .

This comment left with the Register report by online reader "henrygattis":

Nice Article Irving. Maybe you could ask Moxely to do your housework for you too. Why have the Register reporters become such tools? Go find your own story Doug!


Jon Cassidy of the Orange County Register on Monday reports that a man in his mid-20s parachuted from the Great Park Balloon around 9 p.m. Sunday, and escaped in a waiting car before authorities could catch him. The man, who did not have permission to leap, was one of 12 passengers riding in the gondola of the balloon, which had ascended to around 330 feet when the pilot felt a jolt and noticed one of his passengers had climbed to the top of the netting that encloses the gondola.


This exchange between online Register readers:

eatingfool: That's the most excitement Irvine has seen since a light burned out at the intersection of Jamboree and Main. Kudos for freaking out the establishment.

malmout1: "The Establishment"???? What are you, in a time warp? Hey Fool - the 1960s called. You are to be back by dinner time.

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