Supposedly Broke Orly Taitz Appeals Santa Ana Case

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John Gilhooley / OC Weekly
When she's not posting copies of the President's late mother's social security card and asking newly elected Republican senator Scott Brown to sign on her lawsuit against Barack Obama, Laguna Niguel's Orly Taitz has lately taken to peppering her blog with statements like, "I completely ran out of funds." Whoops! Filing countless lawsuits, flying all over the country and being fined by judges will do that to you. Luckily, there's a PayPal account that her supporters can funnel money into.

Being broke, though, apparently hasn't slowed down the dentist's legal quest.

Today, she filed an appeal to her dismissed Barnett v. Obama lawsuit with the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. There's not much action associated with the case, yet. Taitz's mediation questionnaire is due on the 26th, but her opening brief doesn't have to be in till late June.

It's worth noting that Taitz co-counsel/nemesis Gary Kreep also appealed the suit on behalf of Buena Park pastor Wiley Drake. Kreep has already requested transcripts of the courtroom proceedings in Santa Ana. Judge David O. Carter wouldn't let the two attorneys proceed with separate lawsuits; we'll see whether the court of appeals thinks differently. For Taitz's sake, let's hope whatever gets decided isn't too expensive.

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