Most Novel Spousal Support Idea of the Day!

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Cultural clash in court
Instead of a California court deciding how much money my ex-wife should get, allow me to choose five of her friends to make the decision.

--Satya Reddi's courtroom proposal to Orange County Superior Court Judge Nancy A. Pollard, who was rebuked by a state court of appeal panel for displaying a cultural bias against Reddi in the wake of his suggestion. Pollard wouldn't allow Reddi to speak, ridiculed his relationship with his lawyer and repeatedly called him "unreasonable." Reddi's lawyer described the unconventional arbitration proposal "a cultural thing" from India. On Dec. 30, the appeal court panel reversed two of the judge's anti-Reddi orders. They also noted that although judicial bias exists, most judges--but not Pollard--"have the good sense" not to display it publicly.

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