Got Birther Jokes?


Doctor Conspiracy, the birther-debunker extraordinaire behind is holding a birther joke contest. Head on over and leave a comment for him if you've got anything good. Leave a comment here, too!

After the jump: A good entry from the Doctor's submissions so far...

From commenter "aarrggh"...

you just might be a birfer if ...

1) you think a clever alias for a stealth muslim is "barack hussein obama".

2) your boycott of hawaii doesn't interrupt any of your plans.

3) you prefer online grand juries 'cause it gets kinda stuffy under your white hood.

4) you're sure all birth certificates are printed in australia.

5) you think the "white house" means exactly that.

6) you think "dismissed without prejudice" means your case wasn't racist enough.

7) the deli counter guy asks "american or swiss?" and you say "vattel!"

8) hawaii's health dept has your phone number on call-blocking.

9) you're "damn shure" you're a natural born citizen 'cuz both your parents are brother n' sister!

10) you don't believe everything you read on the internet -- just the really friggin' stupid stuff.

In the interest of balance: Our readers from the Orly Taitz groupie demographic can leave pro-birther jokes here too, if they want, I guess. How hilarious can the hilarious haters get?

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