ESPN Ignores Mater Dei Hoops Coach Gary McKnight's Rapist-Coddling Past

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The only OC creep who gets a bigger pass than McKnight is Bishop Brown...

SO....Mater Dei High School boys' basketball coach Gary McKnight set another prep hoops record--he's now the winningest coach in California high school B-ball history--and the local press busted another nut reporting over his round renown. Surprisingly, even ESPN got into the mix, broadcasting the Monarchs' victory on its ESPNU channel and firing off a dispatch for one of its many websites.

Of course, none of them tell the truth about McKnight: how he not only protected his assistant, Jeff Andrade, after details emerged he had sex with Mater Dei students--in McKnight's office, even--and how McKnight let Andrade back onto Mater Dei's campus years after the rapes and even after the school's principal explicitly told him not to. It's not like these facts are difficult to find--Google "Gary McKnight," and one of my many stories on the subject pops up first. That McKnight continues to set records and receive accolades without people bringing up this sordid past is further proof Orange Bishop Tod D. Brown is the Devil--heckuva job, Brownie!

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