Who Besides Dana Rohrabacher Is Calling Us Liars on Twitter?


We try to keep up with the tweets of our elected officials in Orange County, but sometimes we get distracted by Facebook. That's the only plausible explanation for how we missed the above gem from Dana "Mr. Taliban" Rohrabacher (R - Leviticus).

This blunder--overlooking prime tweets from OC mover/shaker--won't happen again.

We're in the process of compiling a Twitter user list, tentatively called "Orange County Politics" (edgy, yes), to keep up with the best local polititwitterers. You, too, can keep up here. We've got milquetoast luminaries like Supervisor Pat Bates, kamikaze candidates like Chuck DeVore and patronizing religious leaders like Rick Warren. It's a work in progress, so send us the names of anyone we're missing. You can even tweet 'em at us (@ocweekly).

Hopefully, we'll be posting our favorite (read: most blood-boiling) tweets from local leaders once a week. It'll be like Tweets from the Park, but with less Mickey sex and more climate change denial.

A taste...

Chuck DeVore livetweeted Obama's speech this morning. You'll be surprised to learn that he doesn't agree with one single thing the prez says, and has come up with a completely fresh joke to communicate that disagreement.


Rick Warren, we have found, is obsessed with belittling Jesus skeptics.


Meanwhile, the chair of the California Republican Party finally got religion on climate change. Or at least, that's how it sounds:


Yes! That IS why they call it "climate change." Good!

Former Mike Carona flack and current dean of California Republican bloggers tries his hand at sports-tabloid pontificating.


Check back next week. We'll have been paying better attention, and should have higher quality 140-character bursts of slightly offensive wisdom from Orange County's greatest minds.

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