What You Missed: Lady Gaga, DJ Oldboy Presents, Zebrahead

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Chris Victorio
Miss Gaga if yer nasty.
Welcome back? We had a quiet-ish long-but-not-long-enough holiday weekend, one that started off with capturing the elusive Lady Gaga in concert at the Nokia Theater. Sure she might have canceled that tour with Kanye--that included a stop in town at the Honda Center--but if Gaga doesn't come to the mountain, the mountain comes to Gaga. See the photos here.

Chris Victorio
Then we caught hometown band Zebrahead play a hometown show at the House of Blues Anaheim on Sunday. Lots of kids, lots of moshin', lots of good times. Also? Look out for a cameo from Jason Freese. See the full slideshow here.

Keith May
 Fiiiiinally, Brother Cecil (the zombie alter-ego of DJ Oldboy), the Thingz, the Hitz, Inazuma performed at Alex's Bar in Long Beach on Saturday. Click here for the slideshow!

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