Wax On, Wax Off: Artists Dalek, Aero and Jason Maloney at Laguna's 225 Forest

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Getting Dalek's artwood into place.JPG
Chris Victorio
Getting Dalek's artwork into place at 225 Forest

225 Forest in Laguna Beach held an event last night to celebrate the hanging of a new painting by Dalek, as well as to commemorate the release of the "Munny World" dolls at the boutique store.

Along with Dalek, fellow artists Jason Maloney and Aero were present, helping attendees of the party design, decorate and paint their own Munny dolls. More photos after the jump!  ​

Chris Victorio
There were supplies and tables designated for guests to design the dolls. The store was open, too, and the customization lab at the back of the second story of the shop was crammed with curious customers and onlookers.

A slew of designers, surfers, models, artists and more attended the event, with some guests coming from places as far as Los Angeles and San Diego. Party-goers watched the massive painting being constructed throughout the night with the use of a scissor lift and screw guns to hang the large pieces of geometric shape-covered wooden slabs.

For even more awesome photos, be sure to check out photographer Chris Victorio's slidshow right here!

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