Our Top Ten Stories of the Past Decade

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It's almost 2010 and so we've rounded up the Weekly's top ten most memorable and groundbreaking stories of the last decade: Crooked sheriffs, racist punk rockers, creepy billionaires... Orange County, there's just no shortage. So without further ado: Our top ten, in no particular order.

Illustration by Kyle T. Webster
America's Sheriff Exposed

Mike Carona was the darling of Orange County after his department nabbed the killer of a four-year-old girl in 2002--we would've given him the world, and the OC GOP was preparing him to take it. But only our R. Scott Moxley remained unconvinced, and his skepticism proved correct in 2009, when years of exposes finally led to "America's Sheriff" getting indicted for multiple felonies.

Read the full story here.

Jennie Warren

The Truth Set them Free

Both Joshua Moore and James Ochoa went to prison for crimes they didn't commit, based on overzealous law enforcement--prosecutors insisted Moore, who went by "Big J-Mo" committed an armed robbery based on rap lyrics he wrote, while a Buena Park police officer claimed his sniffing dog ID'ed Ochoa as a perp. We took on their cases, did the thorough work no one else wanted, and sprung these innocent young men out of jail.

Get the original story here, with the follow-up here.

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