Ten Most Heinous Crimes of the Decade

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Our serious case of misanthropy just got way more serious: Hand-picked by R. Scott Moxley himself, we present to you ten heinous crimes of the decade, with his words summarized for your reading (dis)pleasure. From cops ejaculating on motorists (and getting away with it) to waaaaay too many molestation cases, it seems there's enough scum in Orange County to go around for days. Or uh, decades. 

Truth: We feel slightly queasy after compiling this list. Moxley, how do you do it?


Lester Allen Yocum

What's a man to do to defending himself against charges that he had molested his daughter since she was eight years old? Well, if you're Mission Viejo's 48-year-old Lester Allen, you call her a radical-feminist lesbian who likes to fabricate sex crimes. The girl's motive? Revenge against a morally conservative father who hated homosexuality and had threatened to stop paying her college tuition if she continued to date women.

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Gregory Michael Pisarcik
This one involves a ransacked Tustin apartment, a mutilated, hog-tied corpse of a naked man and an unlikely deadly weapon: An unopened, bloody bottle of Moët & Chandon.

The killer in question: 32-year-old Gregory Michael Pisarcik, who later told detectives he hated homosexuals and confessed that he had gone to the victim's home to rob him. While he was being transported to the Orange County Jail, he told a deputy: "Don't put me in with the homos. I'm not a homo. That's why I killed him. I'm not a homo." During fingerprinting, Pisarcik told another deputy that he had no regrets about killing Leggs and had been planning a killing spree in Ventura County when deputies trapped him. During a jail interview, he told a fourth officer who had asked him to calm down, "I am not going to calm down because I killed someone and kicked his balls in, stuffed a flashlight up his ass and beat him with a bottle. . . . I hate gays."

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Gustavo Palmas Reyes
A drunken 5'3", 180-pound Gustavo Palmas Reyes of Anaheim arrived home one night and beat his live-in girlfriend--she had made the mistake of cooking him dinner when he wasn't hungry. Annoyed, the 42-year-old then left to drink alcohol and eat fried chicken with friends. Later that night, he came home to the couple's one-bedroom apartment, where he stripped, molested and raped his girlfriend's mute, developmentally disabled 12-year-old daughter.

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Samantha Elizabeth Rothwell
After stabbing an 18 year old unsuspecting musician in the jugular with a pocketknife, Samantha Elizabeth Rothwell stood over the body and watched as blood sprayed from her victim's neck. When nearby horrified witnesses gasped, the 5-foot-tall killer voiced an opinion before walking away: "Fuck you. Get over it."

And instead of fleeing in a panic, 20 year old Rothwell--a trustfund kid, it must be said--decided she was hungry instead: Ordering two double cheeseburgers (no onions), 10 Chicken McNuggets and a medium lemonade.

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