Chapman U to Reduce Stress of Finals With Puppy Therapy

Private, pricey but "Best Educational Value in the U.S." Chapman University in Orange has been on quite a roll in recent years.

The addition of the School of Law, the College of Film and Media Arts and Nobel laureates to the faculty have done much to improve Chapman's Q score when it comes to academic recognition nationally.


Now comes the crowning glory, a program so brilliant those Harvard wannabes are no doubt shaking in their penny loafers:

Students are being encouraged to hug puppies to reduce stress heading into final exams.

"Science Dude" Gary Robbins has the scoop on the Orange County Register's  College Life blog.

Chapman's Student Counseling Center proposed the "Furry Friends for Finals" program to promote mental health and well-being. It kicks off with a hug-a-thon Wednesday, Dec. 9, on the Argyros Walkway.

Dear God, somebody bring a pooper scooper!

Final exams start the week of Dec. 14. So, to recap, that'd be hug a donated puppy on Wednesday, binge drink Thursday and Friday, cram on Addys over the weekend and then roll out of bed bleary-eyed for finals on Monday.

Anyone else miss college?

Robbins ends his dogged journalism by mentioning UC Irvine is also helping its students deal with exams, not by having them hug puppies but paper cups. The student center Starbucks will remain open there "24-7″ through finals.

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