Robot Chicken Produces Claim in Non-Explosive Melon Caper

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Remember that melon with wires protruding out of it that brought the Orange County Sheriff's Department bomb squad to an Irvine business park the afternoon of Nov. 13? The incident that ended with an arrest and the discovery that, despite bomb threats having been called in, it was not a bomb but, well, a melon with wires protruding out of it?

Seemed like end of story, right?


This is the melon with wires protruding out of it that keeps on giving . . .
The Orange County Register reports a claim has been filed against the city of Irvine over the robot used to determine the "bomb" was not a bomb but a melon with wires protruding out of it.

Tan Malkowski contends the anti-bomb 'bot "went out of control," scratching and damaging her car as the device moved between vehicles. Her claim reportedly included receipts indicating the vehicle required more than $1,100 in repairs.

The claim targets the city and not the county because it was Irvine Police who called in the sheriff's bomb squad to the area near Arbor Surgical Technologies at 22 Morgan.

Former Arbor employee James Nguy, 41, of Garden Grove, was arrested that night on suspicion of placing a false bomb at a business. He had been let go from the company the year before.

A tip to you future placers of false bombs and bombs threats at a place you previously worked at: wear a disguise while setting a melon with wires protruding out of it at your former job site.

Nguy was apparently recognized by former co-worker.

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