Who Says Orange County's Gotten More Liberal?

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Last Friday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi came to Orange County, this nation's famed hotbed of the political Right, and all we got were these--well, okay--great photographs of demonstrators.

Chris Victorio
As my colleague Spencer Kornhaber noted in an earlier post, certain quarters of our county still haven't warmed to Pelosi, President Barack Obama, healthcare reform or liberalism. Some protesters carried poster of the Democratic House Speaker's face mounted on a witch's body and flying a broom or wearing a Nazi uniform and saluting Hitler. Others attacked the president, one calling him a "liar, fake, fascist and dangerous." Oh, and in the view of many others there, he's also a "communist" who should be impeached. One woman declared, "Liberalism is a mental disorder," a young girl declared, "Hands off my piggybank," and another participant rhymed: "Roses are red. Violets are blue. Obama's a communist and Pelosi is too."

But inside the sold out Orange County Democratic Party's annual Harry S Truman Awards Dinner, Pelosi was treated as a hero.

After the jump: A collection of photos by Chris Victorio.
--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly

Chris Victorio

Chris Victorio

Chris Victorio

Chris Victorio

Chris Victorio

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