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Time for Tweets From the Park, where we gather the funniest, weirdest, grossest and most interesting tweets from Disneyland Resort for your reading pleasure. Follow us on Twitter @OCWeekly!

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mikecarano: Addict, thief, rapist, wife beater. I'm at Disneyland judging people based on looks & body language. OMG! A guy who has sex with his sister.

Tubehole: Holy fuck America is fat and the fattest people all seem to be at Disneyland. Eating.

genelegend: A bird just shit on my cousin at Disneyland. Bahahah

marfar: Dude, there are fucking REINDEER at Disneyland right now. Michael srrsly lost his fucking mind when he saw them.

steezykyeezy: yuuu oOoLL i get more foot traffic than disneyland kuz i advertise my mouth as the happiest place on earth 4 a niggas dick lookin ass bitch!

mikecarano: Listening to a Dad in Disneyland repeat "I want a pickle" over & over. You're the fucking man of the house, get a God damn pickle.

nikkisavage: Disneyland is just so fucking magical.

seandaisy: Not everyone can afford to go to Disneyland, but running around your local Toys R Us drunk is a close facsimile.

RyThizz: Just smoked a bowl inside DisneyLand!! Yea I kno I fucking rule!!

DelJones66: Ok I'm over this happy Disneyland shit. Clever marketing and dumb people make for a profitable business. Where's the closet strip club?

princeRAMPAGE: stop that shit, forreal. uc is like disneyland for niggas in the town <--- disrespectin

RedBessBonney: had fun at Disneyland - until we put the boy in the car in the parking lot and he proceeded to puke all over himself and the backseat. :(

siscokiddd: A mom at Disneyland going ape-shit on her 11 year old daughter. Foodstuff

jvhdior: What is up witt fat gay Mexicans and Disneyland and Morrissey? Its a Thang!#notracist

SusieFierce Supposed to be a Disneyland right now. *sads* I wish we hadn't broke up. Does anyone know where I can get an ABC executive voodoo doll?

EliteActing: Spent the day at Disneyland in the pouring windy cold rain. With oversensitive women. Great fuckin day. Plus. The pizza sucked.

eileenmarina: $97 for a park hopper ticket??!! Disneyland baby, don't you make enough money already without violating the middle class?!

KNicoleHill: RT @TimBPearson: @Ms_Nicholson INSIDE DISNEYLAND ILLEGALLY WTF SMH <-- NOOOO lol

str8thagr8: @ disneyland watching birds sing!? WTF!

DJHeaven: Espn zone for lunch. Gonna be drunk at disneyland oh yeah!

LakiUlo: @TganoDunn I will def be Twit Picking my Drunk ass in DisneyLand..hahaha

LilAznSp0nge: just saw some people walking into club 33 in disneyland... my heart just broke in two...

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