Lake Forest Man Accused of Being a Gang Banger and a Video Perv

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Courtesy of Orange County Sheriff's Department
David Emanuel Ramos is an alleged double-dipper.
Gang members can no longer be content with mere thievery and thuggery and all-around skullduggery. In today's lightning-fast society, one must multi-task.

Take David Emanuel Ramos. Please. The 22-year-old Lake Forest resident, who is already up on charges related to beating a man with golf clubs and a baseball in March 2008, has now also been accused of secretly videotaping women in the locker room of a gym he worked at in August.

And so, if he is ultimately sent to prison on both busts, he can wear the dual badge of honor as a thug and a perv.

Any Kardashians left for this dreamboat to marry?
First, on March 23, 2008, Ramos is accused by the Orange County District Attorney's Office of joining two fellow members of a street gang and an unidentified man in pulling up in a car to a Lake Forest apartment complex, asking a man in another vehicle where he was from and throwing gang hand signs. The man who had been sitting in the second ride with another man and woman then bolted toward his apartment.

Prosecutors allege that Ramos and his co-horts chased and caught the man, who did not belong to any gang, then hit him with golf clubs and a baseball bat. The victim still managed to make it to his apartment, while his friends back in the car also reached safety, but not without leaving the vehicle unlocked. Ramos and the others are accused of stealing the woman's purse from the car being fleeing.

The DA says Ramos is also the suspect who, as an employee
at Synergy Performance Health and Fitness Center in Lake Forest, entered the women's locker room on Aug. 18 and set up a video camera in a potted plant with the intention of recording women dressing and undressing.
While adjusting the camera, prosecutors say, a woman walked in and saw him crouched over the plant. He quickly left, she checked the pot and the camera was discovered.

While he may be a multi-tasker, if the charges are to be believed, he may not exactly be a Mensa member. After the camera was turned in to police, the video was played and it showed Ramos
looking into the lens to position it for a better view, according to the DA.

He has been charged with one misdemeanor count of disorderly conduct for secretly filming another and faces a maximum sentence of six months in jail if convicted on that count. The aggravated assault, grand theft, and street terrorism with gang enhancements charges could fetch him up to nine years and four months in state prison.

Ramos is scheduled to be arraigned on the video charges at 9 a.m. Friday in Santa Ana.

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